Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recipe Review - Barbecue Round Steak

Deep South Dish
This recipe is from Mary at Deep South Dish and calls for Bottom Round Steak, a cheaper cut of meat which becomes fork-tender once braised and cooked. There are two methods for cooking this steak: 1) in the oven, or 2) in the crock-pot. I chose the crock-pot method in order to cook it "low and slow."

Here is what you'll need:
Bottom Round Steak, Flour, Seasoning Salt, Oil, Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Celery, Ketchup, Water, Lime Juice, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Powder, Mustard, and Hot Sauce.
This picture shows the steak already cut into serving pieces.

Combine flour, seasoning salt, and [fresh ground black pepper (optional)]

Dredge each piece of steak in the flour mixture.

Braise the meat using a meat mallet (not shown). Once braised, brown steaks in oil on each side, then remove from pan and set aside; do this in batches. I used Sunflower Oil.

Once all steaks are browned and removed from pan, add the chopped celery, onion, and bell pepper to the pan and cook for 5 minutes in the oil which was leftover from browning the steaks .

Combine the browned steak, cooked veggies, and all other ingredients to your baking dish or crock-pot.

The finished product...

The only changes I made were to omit the celery and add black pepper to the flour dredge mixture. The homemade barbecue sauce is great! Next time I may prepare it with a brown gravy with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Delicious!

Mary's Recipe: Barbecue Round Steak

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